ATC-PS Test Cable Assembly

ATC-PS Test Cable Assembly, N-Type Straight Plug to SMA Straight Plug on Phase Stable 20GHz Cable, 72 inches

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Amphenol RF expands 12G SDI broadcast series with additional between-series adapter configurations.

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Amphenol RF Expands QMA Line to Include LMR-400 Cable Options

Amphenol RF announces the expansion of their QMA product line to include two new connector options. These connectors are compatible with the LMR-400 cable, manufactured by Amphenol Times Microwave, and offer all of the same features and benefits of the rest of the QMA portfolio.

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CES 2020 RF and Microwave Highlights

While we did not visit CES in person, we closely monitored the news releases and companies exhibiting at the event. We had some pre-show briefings from key companies and watched all of the action on video produced from the event. Here are what some of the leading RF/microwave companies were featuring at the event including our special Frequency Matters episode covering these companies.

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PREMO Launches the 3D14EMR-ULP Series

PREMO announces the 3DC14EMR-ULP series, the lowest profile 3D antenna coil available (below 50 percent when compared to other antenna coils in the market today). The majority of the 3D electromagnetic sensors available in the market have minimum heights of 3.2 mm. The lowest profile 3D coil prior to the release of the ULP series was the PREMO 3DC06 series with a maximum height of 2.5 mm

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X-MWblock® Drop-In Modules for Mini-Circuits Parts

X-MWblock® Drop-In Modules for Mini-Circuits Parts Accelerate your design cycle with modular building blocks to test, align, and integrate your assembly.Mini-Circuits parts are now available as X-MWblock drop-in modules from our partner, X-Microwave to support your evaluation and prototyping efforts. It's part of our commitment to providing the best technical resources available for customers designing Mini-Circuits' parts into their systems. Below for your convenience is a complete directory of X-MWblocks currently available for Mini-Circuits models. See the X-Microwave website for pricing and availability.

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